Facility Problem, This is Aerobic Target at 2019 SEA Games

Kontingen Indonesia dalam upacara pembukaan Asian Games 2014 di Incheon, Korea Selatan, Jumat (19/9/2014). (AFP PHOTO/JUNG YEON-JE/KOMPAS.COM)

The struggle of the Indonesian aerobics gymnastics branch deserves a thumbs up. Although constrained by the problem of training facilities, they remain optimistic that they can contribute medals at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

Based on news compiled by Akurat.co, sports are happy Aerobics does not have a fixed training ground. So during this national training period they had to hitchhike the training ground at another sport.

“We still feel the obstacles because we do not have a fixed training ground. This is because our gymnasium has also been evicted and the National Pelatnas site is already unusable,” said Aerobics Gymnastics Team Manager, Mona, reported by Akurat.co.

Mona mentioned Aerobics practicing in two places, the first in the GBK Multipurpose Building and the second riding in a Wushu training site at GOR Bendungan Hilir.

Mona continued moving the practice site more or less to influence preparation. But he was quite relieved because the foster children showed extraordinary enthusiasm.

“But our task of motivating them is not too difficult, because of themselves they also have a strong enthusiasm to move forward and to be able to perform well together,” he explained.

Meanwhile the matter of competition in the SEA games later Mona is optimistic that aerobics can donate a medal. Mona’s optimism is quite large because Indonesia is currently ranked third in ASEAN.

“The map of our strength in Asean is in the top three, competing with Thailand and Vietnam. “For the event later (SEA Games Philippines 2019) our target is bronze,” he said.

The Indonesian contingent himself sent five representatives consisting of four puira athletes and one female representative. All five will fight for medals in three numbers, namely individual women, mix pairs and trios.

Mona explained the bronze medal is the minimum target that must be achieved by the team. Did not rule out the possibility of his care team is able to reach higher targets. The reason he claims the Indonesian contingent has considerable potential in each number.

“Hopefully the target can be achieved and can be more. Because we also have two numbers that are championed, namely from the trio number and mix pairs. But it does not rule out the number of individual women can also contribute medals,” he said.


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