Exploring the Potential of Student Boxing, HABL Will Be Held Soon

Sumber Gambar: BeritaSatu.com

In order to accommodate the best talents of boxing as early as possible, especially from the student sector, a boxing tournament among high school students entitled High School Amateur Boxing League (HABL) will be held soon.

The championship plan which was initiated by YBC sport will be held in January 2021 at Balai Sarbini Jakarta. HABL was initiated because it saw the high interest of students in martial arts who also took part in the Olympics.

“The event is a platform game HABL among high school students that emphasizes sportsmanship. In addition, this event also as an effort to reduce the commotion between the students who are already common place in the present,” said Rafi Athallah, CEO of YBC Sports, quoted liputan6.com

“Idea made HABL appear since the beginning of the year. Since I graduated from the pesantren. I see a different world out there. Many students fight. Withtournaments boxing, students can channel them in official events. If fighting on the streets is not cool, it’s illegal, “continued Rafi.

Added by Rafi, HABL will broadcast a different boxing match. Because even though it is still oriented towards achievement, HABL will still try to present the entertainment side of a match, so that student athletes In the future, they will still feel appreciated, in addition to being a spectacle that is still entertaining for the community. The

first edition of HABL which is also supervised and managed by the DKI Jakarta Pertina Pengprov, will also be attended by all high school students in the capital. HABL will open a quota for 50 participants, both for men’s and women’s categories, which will later compete in 25 parties from a number of competition classes.

Before entering the main agenda of HABL in 2021, YBC Sports will also hold a series of pre-events, namely holding one boxing match every week starting October 2020 which will be broadcast. via YouTube.


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