Exploring the Journey of the Indonesian Medal at the Olympics

Gold medalists Indonesia's Tontowi Ahmad (L) and Indonesia's Liliyana Natsir hold their medals on the podium following the mixed doubles Gold Medal badminton match at the Riocentro stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 17, 2016, at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. / AFP PHOTO / GOH Chai Hin

Indonesia has indeed existed in the Olympics since 1952 in Helsinksi Finland. After only seven years of independence, at that time the Indonesian Team had to go home empty-handed.

It was only in 1988 that Indonesia first made history by winning the inaugural medal at the Olympics. The moment was like a turning point for Merah Putih. Because since then, Indonesia has always been successful in bringing home medals.

In its historical record, Indonesia only missed the Olympics twice, namely in Tokyo (1964) and Moscow (1980). Beyond that, the Indonesian team was never left behind to send its athletes to the biggest sports party on Earth.

To be able to achieve the first achievement at the Olympics, Indonesia must wait long enough. The 1988 Seoul Olympics, witnessed how Red and White first flew at the four-yearly multi-event.

It was the trio of archers Lilies Handayani, Nurfitriyana Saiman and Kusuma Wardhani who were the heroes of Indonesia in Seoul. All three managed to present a silver medal by dropping in the women’s team number.

Four years later at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Indonesia was blessed, with the first entry of badminton in the Olympics. At that time, Indonesia was known as one of the rulers of the world badminton map, along with China.

Not far from predictions, Indonesia also successfully carved a new history by first winning a gold medal. Amazingly, not just one but directly two medals. Two golds were presented by Alan Budi Kusuma (men’s singles) and Susi Susanti (women’s singles). Total at that time the Indonesian Team managed to bring home five medals from Spain (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze).

After the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the Indonesian Team was never absent to always offer a medal in each edition. What were Indonesia’s medal records during the Olympics? Here is the note:

Korea Selatan 1988

PerakLilies Handayani, Nurfitriyana Saiman, Kusuma WardhaniMemanahBeregu Putri

Barcelona 1992

EmasAlan BudikusumaBulutangkisTunggal Putra
EmasSusy SusantiBulutangkisTunggal Putri
PerakArdy B WiranataBulutangkisTunggal Putra
PerakEddy Hartono/Rudy GunawanBulutangkisGanda Putra
PerungguHermawan SusantoBulutangkisTunggal Putra

Atalanta 1996

EmasRexy Mainaky/Ricky SubagjaBulutangkisGanda Putra
PerakMia AudinaBulutangkisTunggal Putri
PerungguSusy SusantiBulutangkisTunggal Putri
PerungguAntonius Ariantho/Denny KantonoBulutangkisGanda Putra

Sydney 2000

EmasTony Gunawan/Candra WijayaBulutangkisGanda Putra
PerakTri Kusharjanto/Minarti TimurBulutangkisGanda Campuran
PerakHendrawanBulutangkisTunggal Putra
PerakRaema Lisa RumbewasAngkat BeratPutri 48 Kg
PerungguSri IndriyaniAngkat BeratPutri 48 Kg
PerungguWinarni Binti SlametAngkat BeratPutri 53 Kg

Athena 2004

EmasTaufik HidayatBulutangkisTunggal Putra
PerakRaema Lisa RumbewasAngkat BeratPutri 53 Kg
PerungguEng Hian/Flandy LimpeleBulutangkisGanda Putra
PerungguSony Dwi KuncoroBulutangkisTunggal Putra

Beijing 2008

EmasHendra Setiawan.Markis KidoBulutangkisGanda Putra
PerakNova Widianto/Lilyana NatsirBulutangkisGanda Campuran
PerungguMaria Kristin YuliantiBulutangkisTungga Putri
PerungguEko Yuli IrawanAngkat BeratPutra 56 Kg
PerungguTriyatnoAngkat BeratPutra 62 Kg

London 2012

PerakTriyatnoAngkat BeratPutra 69 Kg
PerungguEko Yuli IrawanAngkat BeratPutra 62 Kg


Rio 2016

EmasTantowi/ LilyanaBulutangkisGanda Campuran
PerakSri Wahyuni Angkat Berat48 kg Putri 
Perak Eko Yuli IrawanAngkat Berat62 kg Putra 



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