With Hard Work, Eko Yuli Looks at the Olympics 2020


‘There is no single competition that can be win without hard work” – Eko Yuli

After winning gold in the Weightlifting World Championship 2018, Eko Yuli immediately looked at other world competitions, the Olympics. In an interview uploaded on the official website of The  Weightlifting World Championship 2018, Eko assures that the Olympics is his main target. ‘

“Sure. That’s my goal. We make a step towards the Tokyo Olympic Games,” said Eko at ashgabat2018.com.

The World Championship held in Ashgabat City is a stepping stone for Eko to be able to compete in Tokyo 2020. Even though Japan is the goal, Eko performed all-out in Turkmenistan to be the best in the world.

Eko’s victory in the world championship is not easily obtained. Besides having to be disciplined by practicing every day, this man from Lampung is on a fairly strict diet. One of these diets is to reduce weight, because the class that Eko followed dropped by 1 kilogram to 61 kg.

Before winning the gold medal at the Asian Games 2018, Eko competed in 3 Olympics. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics and London 2012, Eko won the bronze medal in the 62 kg class. It was only in Rio 2016, Eko’s achievements began to improve by winning silver. This victory in Turkmenistan became the initial capital for Eko to give a gold medal at the Olympics 2020.



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