South Sumatra Provincial Government Support for Indonesia to be a Successful Host for Olympic 2032


After successfully hosted the Asian Games 2018 and Asian Para Games, Indonesia has indeed set a target to host the world-level sporting event, the Olympic Games in 2032. For this reason the Indonesian government through the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Imam Nahrawi hopes that all parties will provide full support for the intention.

Imam’s words are immediately responded by the Provincial Government (Provincial Government) of South Sumatra, the Youth and Sports Agency (Dispora) by holding physical training for 55 trainer participants level 1, at the C Building of Athlete’s House, Jakabaring Sport City Palembang.

To the South Sumatra Youth and Sports Service (Kadispora), Ahmad Yusuf Wibowo reveales that physical training is often considered unimportant because athletes often only received tactical training or just playing strategies.

For information, this level 1 National physical trainer training carries the theme of the program bear to 10 thousand national physical trainers, commemorate Indonesia a successful achievement and hosting the Olympics 2023 which takes place on 11th to 14th October 2018.

“Strong physique is necessary, it is often denied that it is not permissible, even though it has great tactics or strategies, but if an athlete does not have strong physical strength, it will be useless, so to produce strong and great athletes in the future, physical trainer training is very needs to be done, “Yusuf said, quoted from TribunSumsel

Meanwhile, according to Lankor’s Chairman of LP2O, Dr. Ria Lumintuarso, the trainers in Indonesia are still indifferent to understand how to train physically for differences in sports. The trainers still see physical exercise as only disrupting technical training, there’s the counterproductive here.

Even though according to Dr. Ria, physical exercise is one of the determine factor the achievements of athletes, and it can be an increase in the performance of athletes when competing.

“Physical becomes one of the determine factor in a sports achievement, therefore we must be able to know as a trainer, what we must train and how to train and when this physical exercise is given in each period,” he said.

“So if we have mastered a sport without physical, the athlete’s standard performance will go down, because physical is one of the determinants of achievement. So, in the training there are 4 important components, there are technique, physical as an improvement in the quality of abilities for achievement, tactics and mentality.” He said.

With this training, it is expected that the trainers understand the composition between techniques and physical support for the training of athletes.

“Now with this physical trainer training, we find a common way to integrate physical and technical. So if usually physically seen as a general nature it is indeed, but there is a physical form of technique. So that will support physical training that we direct to the physical that supports the technique, “he added.

For information, this physical trainer training is the 26th nationally, and the third time in Palembang. as many as 55 beginner physical trainer participants come from South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Bangka, Jakarta, Padang, Batam, Pekanbaru and Yogyakarta.


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