Father’s Support is the Key to the Success of Puji Lestari

ANTARA FOTO/INASGOC/Hendra Nurdiyansyah

Who does not know Puji Lestari, a rock climbing athlete who managed to make Indonesia famous in the biggest sports event in Asia, Asian Games 2018. Puji Lestari’s often to be talked about by many people, including at the athlete’s residence who was born on June 15th, 1990.

Puji, who lives in Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta, has been considered a hero by Marunda residents. For them, Puji was a hero who won gold for Indonesia. Even when Puji returned to Jakarta, Marunda residents are prepared to welcome Puji in the political district and then Puji would be paraded to her house.

Although she was praises for winning the award from the rock climbing sport which raises her name, it turned out that she wasn’t instantly falling in love with this extreme sport. When she was at junior high school, she liked to play sepak takraw. However, when she entered high school, there’s no sepak takraw extracurricular, that’s when she shifted to adventurer/climber extracurricular.

“I started sepak takraw at first, since the high school that I went to didn’t have sepak takraw, that’s why I shifted to adventurer/climber’s extracurricular,” said Puji as reported Tribunjakarta.com.

Ever since she enrolled at adventurer/climber, Puji started to recognize and began to fall in love with climbing sport. Because of the high risk of this sport, Puji’s family asked her to enroll sepak takraw again. However, Puji still follow her heart and still choose wall climbing, because she thinks that this sport challenges her adrenaline.

“Because wall climbing challenges my adrenaline, it’s because of the height, I think is an extreme sport and I like something that is challenging,” explained Puji.

There’s no doubt, Marimin as Puji’s father is very worried about her daughter when she choose rock climbing sport. However, as a parent, Marimin can only provide encouragement and prayer for the safety of his child.

“Yes, I’m worry but how can I forbid someone who already falls in love. I can only give encouragement and prayer,” Said Marimin from Tribunjakarta.com.

The enthusiasm support and prayer continues to flow from Puji’s father and her family and she finally made it, Puji able to boast her parents because of her achievements in the field she chose.


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