The Two Sports Contribute Most Medals at the Asian Para Games 2018


The Indonesian contingent ended the struggle at the Asian Para Games 2018 by being the fifth in the final medal standings at the event. Overall, the Red and White contingent collected a total of 135 medals with 37 gold medals, 47 silver medals and 51 bronze medals.

What’s interesting is that Indonesia managed to pass the initial target of the Asian Para Games 2018, which is to enter the top eight with a gold medal of at least 16 pieces. Meanwhile, China became the overall champion and firmly at the top of the standings with a score of 172 gold medals, 88 silver medals and 59 bronze medals. So, which sports have succeeded in contributing a lot of gold to the Indonesian contingent at the Asia Para 2018 Games?

Reporting from, there are two sports that contribute the most gold to the Indonesian contingent. The two sports are Chess and Badminton. Chess successfully collected 11 gold medals. It’s interesting because it’s the first time Chess competed in the biggest disability event in Asia.

While badminton also successfully collected 11 gold medals. Equally interesting, Indonesian athletes have also occupied the highest podium 11 times in the sport.

Other sports that also contribute to many gold medals for Indonesia are swimming, athletics and table tennis. Here are the details of the gold medal contributor for Indonesia in the 2018 Asian Games:

  • Chess (11 gold)
  • Badminton (11 gold)
  • Para Swimming (6 gold)
  • Para Athletic (6 gold)
  • Table Tennis (6 gold)
  • Lawn Bowls (5 gold)
  • Bike Racing (1 gold)
  • Tenpin Bowling (1 gold)

Meanwhile, related to the bonus of gold medal athletes, the government had previously promised to give the same bonus between the winner of the Asian Games and Asian Para Games 2018. For information, athletes who won gold medals in the Asian Para Games will get a bonus of Rp 1.5 billion same as Asian Games athletes


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