Dito Ariotedjo: Guarding the Spirit of Indonesian Youth for Achievement


Young, energetic and full of visions, those three words are appropriate to describe the figure of Dito Ariotedjo who is appointed by the Chair of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) to carry on responsibility as Chef de Mission or Chair of the Indonesian Contingent for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) event in Argentina next October.

Not without reason, the assignment is given to a young man who was born in Jakarta twenty-eight years ago based on his extensive experience in youth organizations. The position of Secretary General of Student and Student Movement for Renewal and General Chairperson of the Indonesian Sport Bike Association of DKI Jakarta is number of positions that he also holds at this time.

This experience is still supported by his work in the prominent professional world.

Once listed as Marketing Director of a leading company, now, Ario Bimo Nandito Ariotedjo also implements his visions as a leader in several large companies. All of these experiences make Dito a mature and inspiring youth. Even so, he always wanted to contribute more, which is now proven by leading the Indonesian Team to a foreign youth sporting event.

Dito sees that the Indonesian Team’s departure for Buenos Aires would not only for competition. However, it is also a moment to prove the spirit of 260 million Indonesian people, especially the youth who are always hungry for achievement.

He will also strive along with other Indonesian Team contingents at YOG, whose age average are 15-18 years old. They are potential athletes who are also aiming for serious achievements at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The YOG event itself invited more than 200 state contingents with full of 286 party. It becomes proof for Indonesian youth able to speak a lot on the international sports scene.


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