Internationally Contested, It Turns Out These Series of Sports are Originally from Indonesia

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Everyone must know the most popular sports in the world, such as football, volleyball, basketball or badminton. But in fact there are authentic Indonesian sports that have not been widely known by the people even though they are compared in international events. Whatever it is, following are series of  authentic Indonesian sports as reported by (10/31/18).

  1. Sepak Takraw
    Not many people know if this sport is an authentic Indonesian sport that has been contested at international level sporting events. Some neighbor countries such as Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines and Thailand claim the sport belongs to them. Found during the Malay Sultanate, around the 15th century, sepak takraw games is relatively unique, which is kicking football with a game method such as volleyball.

2.Pencak Silat
Every Indonesian must be familiar with this sport, yes pencak silat is expected to emerge in the 7th century AD. In that era, a lot of warriors stories from the kingdom of Sriwijaya and Majapahit known to be experts in martial arts martial arts.  The story of the warriors is very clearly seen in the artifacts of Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple. Until now, the original Indonesian martial arts sport is one of the sports in the International arena.

3.Karapan Sapi
Karapan Sapi is an extreme racing sport with native Indonesian animals, this sport comes from Madura, East Java. This sport is often contested in certain months such as August to October.  Usually the way to play is with a pair of cows that will pull a wooden train where the jockey controls them. Then, they will collide quickly with other rival cows.

4.Pachu jalur
In the water sector, Indonesia also has original sports, which is pachu jalur. This sport is a traditional rowing boat from Riau. This sport uses a boat with a length of approximately 25-40 meters with a total crew of about 40 to 60 people.  Initially the pachu jalur was held in villages along the Kuantan River to commemorate Islamic holidays such as the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, Eid al-Fitr, or the New Year of Muharam. It is very encouraging because now the track race has entered the national annual event which is held every August 23rd-26th.


5.Lompat Batu.(Jumping Stone)
Lompat batu is actually a tradition of the people of Nias Island. They initially carried out the tradition in preparation for the war.  The Nias community also believes that whoever, a Nias youth who has succeeded in the tradition of lompat batu will be considered mature and physically mature so that he can get married immediately. And, it turned out that this was a matter of pride for Nias youth and their families.

This one sport is not widely known. Pathol itself is described as a type of traditional wrestling sport originally from Sarang Subdistrict, Rembang Regency, Central Java.  At first this sport was a competition to find the best knight who could guard the port of Tuban, which at that time was crowded by pirates and thieves.  For their own time, pathol wrestling is usually held on the coast before the full moon or even on special days such as sea alms ceremonies.



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