Denmark Open, Would It be the Revival Point of Indonesian’s Badminton?

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After incised some good achievements at the Asian Games 2018, the Indonesian badminton team is now focusing on the BWF World Tour Super 750 Denmark Open 2018 tournament. The tournament has already begun on Tuesday (10/16/2018) morning local time. It’s just that the Indonesian badminton team’s move to gain good results at the 2018 Denmark Open is certain to be tough. The reason is, as reported by there are non-technical factors that seem to reduce the chances of Indonesia’s badminton players reaching the country’s champion.

This can be seen from the site of the Danish Badminton Association, that the Danish Open was held since 1936 when it was still called the International Championships of Denmark, the most powerful home team collected the title. From 1936-2017, Denmark recorded a collection of 131 titles. In addition, there are five Danish players who won doubles titles when paired with athletes from other countries.

The second largest collector in Danish Open history is China with 61 titles. Under the Bamboo Curtain Country is England with 24 titles. Meanwhile, as many as 21 titles were collected by Indonesia to date, still losing to Japan which collected 22 titles.

In the tournament, Indonesia, which plans to send 16 representatives, can only send 14 representatives. This is because the men’s doubles and women’s doubles were canceled in the Denmark Open 2018  tournament. This year, Indonesia still hopes for the men’s doubles Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon as the first superior of the tournament. Surprises are also expected from the men’s singles, mixed doubles and women’s doubles.


For information, in this event itself, Indonesia has experienced achievements since 2000 until last year, only four titles have been recorded. In fact, during 2010-2017 there was no title that was successfully brought back to the country.

The last men’s singles Simon Santoso became the last champion in Denmark in 2009. Since then the best achievements of Indonesian players have been runner-up.

If this year Indonesia is able to rise, it could be that the glory that was created in the tournament will be repeated.




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