With this way, KOI is ready to Facilitate The Ownership of Residential Houses for Indonesian Athletes


The Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) which currently houses 61 sports which is defended by thousands of national athletes does not only think of achievement only for Indonesia. However, KOI also thought about a decent life for its athletes.

One of them is through the One Million Houses Program to support the welfare of national athletes. by cooperating with the State Savings Bank (Persero) Tbk, KOI strives to bridge the athletes owning a house with a mortgage scheme.

The collaboration has been contained in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between KOI and Bank BTN regarding the Synergy of Banking Services for Members and Administrators of the Indonesian Olympic Committee at the BTN office, Jakarta, Monday (15/10).

For information, up to now, KOI has 12 core administrators with thousands of athletes who are members of 61 sports. At the Asian Games 2018 sports event held recently, KOI sent 968 outstanding athletes. The athletes won 31 gold medals, 24 silver medals and 43 bronze medals.

According to the general chairman of KOI, Erik Tohir, this cooperation plan was actually carried out before the Asian Games, but because of the many new activities happening now. This collaboration is in order to support athletes who can have a house that is either subsidized or non-subsidized according to their wishes.

“For those who don’t have a home can buy through BTN, even athletes can invest in the property sector for the future,” said Erick Tohir, quoted from Beritasatu.com

Erik added that currently there are many successful athletes who are now billionaires and of course that must be encouraged so that the athletes have a decent and comfortable home. Because there are still many athletes who do not have a home and this is their chance to be able to get a home.

“Later, we will gather athletes and anyone who is ready to own a house,” he said.

Meanwhile Bank BTN’s Managing Director Maryono said, in this collaboration, the company provided convenience for the management and members as well as the outstanding athletes sheltered by KOI to own a house.

“These various facilities are forms of our appreciation for the management, members, especially athletes who have made and continue to make Indonesia proud. With more and more athletes who can own a house, we hope to be a motivator to continue working for the country, “explained Maryono.

Maryono added that not only provides convenience in KPR, BTN is also ready to provide locations and housing to be purchased by athletes.

KPR, BTN is also ready to provide locations and housing that will be purchased by athletes.  “We not only provide mortgages, but also locations and housing that will be purchased by athletes throughout Indonesia,” he said.  Housing also to be purchased by athletes throughout Indonesia, “he said.  Meanwhile, in the collaboration, the Bank BTN also provides a mortgage loan period of up to 30 years for national athletes. Then, for KPA, the company provides a credit period of up to 20 years.

This housing credit specialist bank also offers a variety of special promotions which are advances ranging from 5%, free administration and provision fees, and free appraisal fees.

KOI members and administrators can also enjoy KPR Zero facilities that make it easier for debtors to pay interest only for the first two years. Then, after the next two years, new debtors pay principal and interest installments.


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