Debut BMX Freestyle at YOG 2018 and Indonesia’s Potential

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The Youth Olympic Games (YOG)2 2018 becomes a historic moment for one of the bicycle race numbers. After the first time, the BMX Freestyle number is contested at the event which was also called the Youth Olympics. This freestyle BMX debut becomes even more memorable, after it is confirmed the same race number will be held at the upcoming Olympics Tokyo 2020.

As reported by, in addition to undergoing a historic debut. Freestyle BMX numbers also get an innovation touch at YOG 2018. Where is the first time, the tournament is held in a mixed team model, which bring together eight couples. Every pairs is filled with one male rider, and one female rider.

This first race is followed by Russia, Argentina, Japan, Germany and Latvia. However, in this historic race Indonesia won’t participate. Actually this is unfortunate, because all this time BMX has become one of the mainstay numbers of the Indonesian Sport Bike Association (ISSI) in various multi events.

There is Elga Kharisma Novanda who is also a YOG 2010 alumnus, who has become Indonesia’s mainstay all this time. But Elga does not play the Freestyle BMX number, the athlete from Malang City is actually known as the Queen of BMX in the race race number.

But indeed, Indonesia itself, still does not have athletes in Freestyle BMX numbers, because it considers a new sport. Most Indonesian BMX athletes compete in the BMX Race number.  However, with the high BMX Freestyle interest so far in various cities in Indonesia, it is clear that the Indonesian team actually has great potential, especially in upcoming events, such as the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

As we all know, in Indonesia, Freestyle BMX is already familiar to be played on the streets, even in various extreme game competitions, both at local and national levels. It’s just that now still waiting for hard work from ISSI to be able to do the talent scouting and explore the potential for this one race number. So that in the upcoming race, Indonesia no longer needs to be absent.


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