From Soccer, This Paralympic Athlete Is Becoming a Mainstay in Bicycle Race


An interesting story came from one of the Indonesian Paralympic athletes, Tryagus Arief Rachman who is now a paracycling athlete in Indonesia. Who would have thought, before joining as an Indonesian bicycle racing athlete, it turns out he first joined the Indonesian soccer national team when he started the national team with the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Indonesia.

Starting from the absence of soccer numbers in Asian level tournaments, Agus finally established himself for selection as a paracycling athlete. Certainly not an easy matter for Agus to try out a new sport for him, if there is no encouragement from the paracycling general manager, coach Fadillah Umar. For information, Agus paved the way to the national disability soccer program through the invitation of coach Fadillah Umar. That was about six years ago.

“I used to enter soccer. Now, in Asia there is no soccer so I was asked to try a bicycle. At that time, I said, please, try it. Alhamdullilah,(praise to God) after one month of national education, I get an incoming call. Pak Umar is also the general manager of the recycling, “Agus said, quoted from

Gradually, Agus feels comfortable joining as a paracycling athlete. Not only was it comfortable, Agus also felt another positive impact after he became an athlete of bike race, one of which is that he gain many friends.

“When I play soccer, it moves all the body parts, on the bicycle the most important thing is footwork. While in bike, body movement is very influential. So the body must be calm, feet move. If that is possible then the bike can work like that, “said Agus.

“Whichever is better, I like to ride because I am not bored, I don’t see that, I can walk everywhere with friends in Solo, there are many, crowded communities,” he explained.

Agus is a disabled bicycle rider. The right hand of a young man who was born in Jepara, August 3rd, 1990, withered. When he holds the handlebars, he needs tools. Whereas soccer, he has known since he was a child.   He even became part of the high school soccer team, also playing between villagers.

“When I joined the normal team, it was underestimated, but it’s okay,” he said.

Before switching as a bicycle athlete, Agus actually had a good achievement with the disability soccer team which is incorporated in the Indonesian NPC, the ASEAN Para Games 2017 champion in Kuala Lumpur.

“Same, before, I joined the West Java Peparnas 2016 to get a gold medal,” said Agus.

Indeed, he claimed to be comfortable playing soccer. However, he considered that in sports with disabilities every athlete must be able to take advantage of opportunities that make him able to channel achievements.

“It’s too bad, but how do I feel that I should belong in disable sort, I have to be multitalented, I have to see where I can see the opportunity and take it.   But, it turns out bicycle racing is also fun, “he said.

Agus himself previously joined in Indonesian paracycling athletes in the Asian Para Games 2018. Unfortunately Agus could not contribute a medal to the country.



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