List of 18 Young Indonesian Athletes Who Compete at YOG 2018


Indonesia is again taking part in the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2018, or what we also known as the Youth Olympics. Never absent until the third event this time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Indonesian team is currently dispatching 18 mainstay athletes, who are targeted to be able to win three medals and enter the top 50.

Then, who are the Indonesian junior athletes (14-18 years) competing in the Youth Olympics, starting from October 6th until 18th?

Let’s follow the review as reported from, to be more intimate and enthusiastic in providing support:

Diva Renatta Jayadi (Female)
Adi Ramli Sidiq (Male)

Maharani Sekar Batari (Female)
Ikhsan Leonardo Immanuel Rumbai (Male)

Adinda Larasati Dewi Kirana (Female)
Azzhara Permatahani (Female)
Farrel Armandio Tangkas (Male)
Azel Zelmi Arialingga (Male)

Basket 3×3
Ni Putu Eka Liana Febiananda (Female)
Michelle Kurniawan (Female)
Hoo Valencia Angelique Pramono (Female)
Nathania Claresta Orville (Female)

Beach Volleyball
Bintang Akbar (Male)
Danang Herlambang (Male)

Muhammad Naufal Mahardika (Male)

Weight Lifting
Nur Vinatasari (Female)
Albin Andrean Putra (Male)

Ribka Vania (Female)

So far Indonesia’s best achievement at YOG 2010 (Singapore) by weight lifters and YOG 2014 (Nanjin, China), is to get a bronze medal. While at YOG 2018, one bronze medal was successfully presented by Lifter Nur Vinatasari.

Now the Indonesian team is still hunting for other potential medals that are expected to be present from potential youth athletes from across the country.

YOG is indeed expected to be an arena for Indonesian youth athletes to be able to develop their best potential, while they can prepare themselves to enter the senior level.

Because it is proven, there are many YOG alumni who are successful at the senior level and can make the name of the Indonesian Nation in various other events. For example, from the YOG 2010, there is the name of the Elga Kharisma Novanda bicycle rider, while from YOG 2014, the name Anthonius Sinisuka Ginting appears, which is now the mainstay of the Indonesian national team in badminton sports.


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