Cross-Country Biker Exercises for Leg Strength

Zainal Fanani (Sumber: Antara/Imam Santoso)

Men’s cross-country MTB racer (XOC), Zainal Fanani continues to be in an uproar prepared to perform optimally at the 2019 SEA Games. One focus he is currently on is to balance a good partnership.

This was based on a statement from the Head of the Performance Improvement Division of PB ISSI (Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association), Budi Saputra. In stating it, Budi said that he received a report from the team’s coach if the strength of Fanani’s legs had a considerable difference. In need of rescue.

“The process continues. In the final stages, the strength of the left and right Fanani legs reaches 42 percent compared to 58 percent,” Budi said as quoted by

Until this news is obtained PB ISSI has finished counting. One of them is by holding exercises in West Java and Jakarta. In this exercise, Fanani gave several training sessions using Wattbike. And the results have begun to appear.

“At present the power has begun to change, 48 percent compared to 52 percent,” he added.

Budi is optimistic that with consistent training, the problems experienced by Fananibakal will be resolved soon. So that it can perform optimally at the biennial sports party.

At this SEA Games, Fanani is the only XOC racer who represents Indonesia. There Rafika Farisi who descended in the category of daughter.

Also placed as Indonesia’s representative in the C3 International Championship in Liquica, East Timor since this October. On that occasion, Fanani successfully incised a gold medal after finishing with the fastest time, 20.36 seconds.¬†With its maturity, no doubt if PB ISSI hopes he can bring home the gold at the SEA Games.


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