Commemorating the Achievements of Lius Pongoh, “The Rubber Ball” Indonesian Badminton Champion Player

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known as an accomplished Indonesian badminton athlete nicknamed “The Rubber Ball” because he has a short and chubby posture for badminton athletes’ standards. He is Lius Pongoh who has repeatedly made the nation proud in the international arena through badminton.

Born in Jakarta, December 3, 1960, Lius Pongoh was a world-class Indonesian badminton athlete in the men’s singles during the 80s. At that time, Indonesia was indeed king in the men’s singles, with so many badminton athletes worldwide, such as Liem Swie King, Icuk Sugiarto, as well as the legend Rudy Hartono who was also at that time still playing.

As reported by, Lius is a member of the Indonesian Badminton Team which succeeded in bringing home the Thomas Cup in 1979. Lius’ highest achievement as an Indonesian badminton athlete in the men’s singles event was when he won the Indonesia Open 1984, by defeating Hastomo in the final. Arbi.

Competing in Jakarta at that time, Lius never expected to be the best, because the opponents he faced during the tournament were the world’s best badminton players at that time, such as Liem Swie King and legendary Danish player Morten Frost Hansen.

“Year 84 that’s a pretty tight match, and I also may actually win. Because there Misbun (Sidek), I also won against Misbun that time, Richard (Mainaky) also (that) could defeat (Misbun), “recalls Lius.

However, there is a different story behind Lius’s victory in 1984. Where the Indonesian badminton athlete turned out to have to go back and forth to the hospital, because he also had to look after his mother who was hospitalized due to pancreatic cancer. The badminton athlete, who also often has a duet with Christian Hadinata in the doubles event, admitted that he had to jump over the hospital fence many times, because visiting hours had passed.

“My mom is also quite giving me the spirit even though she was sick for me to champion in the Indonesia Open 84 years, painstakingly does actually. But yes , maybe I believe more in God’s power and the prayers of my parents that will make me the champion of the 1984 Indonesia Open, ”said Lius.

“For myself, it’s a career that I ca n’t forget.” he continued.

Besides being the best at the 1984 Indonesia Open, in terms of international achievements, Lius was also noted to have won the 1981 Swedish Open, overthrowing Frost Hansen in the top party, Victor Cup 1984, and Chinese Open 1981. While in doubles, with Christian Hadinata, Lius also He has won at the Japan Open in 1981, Sweden Open in 1982 and in the US Open in 1988.

After hanging his racket as an Indonesian badminton athlete. Lius really can’t get away from this fur-clatter world. Like now he is working as admin and support coordinator at one of the biggest badminton clubs in Indonesia, PB Djarum.


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