Commemorating Lukman Niode and His Swimming Performance Record that Brill the Indonesian Team

Lukman Niode, 1985. Sumber Gambar: KOMPAS/KARTONO RIYADI

The Indonesian team was in mourning, after one of the national swimmers who had defended the Red and White in the 1984 Olympics, Lukman Niode passed away on Friday (17/04) at the age of 58 years.

Lukman’s departure becomes a loss for the world of swimming in the country. Lukman’s achievements in swimming in Indonesia have been enormous, both since he was still active as an athlete, or after he retired. He is a figure who always wants to work hard for the good name of the nation through swimming.

“The Indonesian swimming world is losing its death. After retiring as an athlete, he has been active in various sports organizations,” said the legendary Indonesian swimmer who was trained by Lukman Niode, Richard Sam Bera, as reported by

“Sports in Indonesia loses the figure of a thinker who is always forward thinking (visionary) and modern. Hopefully anyone can continue his struggle,” said Richard, who was very lost over the departure of his mentor and friend.

One of the traces of Lukman’s achievements that are most remembered by the Indonesian people, is how he had participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, United States. In addition Lukman also managed to bring many achievements for Indonesia through swimming.

For a Lukman Niode, swimming has become an inseparable part of life. He has been in the aquatic sport since he was a child. In fact, Lukman was born into a family that was already very familiar with achievement sports. The father, M Niode who is originally from Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, is a swimming coach. While his siblings, Idroes Buhanuddin, Dunia and Noerdiana are also known as active in the swimming world.

The figure born in 1963, who turned his head to be called Lucky began his career as a swimmer at the Jakarta Tirta Kencana club. At that time Lukman was still in elementary school. He chose the back style as his specialty in swimming.

Slowly but surely, a Lukman Niode is able to steal the attention of the national swimming. He first participated in an under-10 age group tournament at the Medan Inter-National Championship in 1972. Only a year later, a Lukman was able to make his international debut, competing in Bangkok Thailand, even though at that time he was unable to win the title.

In 1977, Lukman Niode in fact was able to win nine gold medals at the 1976 National Championship. Lukman’s gold medal party did not stop there. In PON 1977 he successfully won 10 gold medals, and connected with seven gold medals in 1980 PON.

The series of national achievements finally led Lukman to get the opportunity to study in the United States in 1981. He had the opportunity to attend the Cypress High School in Los Angeles, and then proceed to West College in Los Angeles.

The scholarship from the Government of Indonesia is bearing fruit. Lukman was able to boast of the country by winning two gold medals at the 1983 SEA Games. At that time, he also managed to break the men’s 100 meter backstroke record. Lukman broke the Asian time record of Japanese swimmer Kanji Ikeda. He managed to excel one second compared to Ikeda’s notes /

A year after the SEA Games Lukman had a valuable opportunity by being part of the Indonesian Team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Lukman has not been able to achieve much, immediately fell in the preliminary round.

In addition to being with the Indonesian Team at the Olympics, Lukman has also been the holder of two national records for the 200 meter backstroke and 100 meter freestyle.

After no longer active as a swimming athlete. Lukman Niode cannot be far from the sport that brought up his name. He is a member of the Indonesia Olympian Athlete (IOA) and has also served as a committee in the Asia Para Games (INAPGOC) 2018, with the position of Deputy Deputy II

Lukman is also listed as serving as Deputy IV Chairman of the KONI Achievement Development Center.

“He is a figure of a smart and intelligent athlete. According to him, an athlete should not only be in sports, but must complete education, then take part in other fields. That’s what he always campaigns for young swimmers. He always voiced that, athletes must have intelligence. , “explained Richard Sam Bera, who had felt the cold hands of Lukman Niode, ahead of the 2005 SEA Games.

Goodbye Indonesian sports hero, Lukman Niode.


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