Coach Doesn’t Want to Burden Emilia Nova

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Emilia Nova Goalkeeper still has a chance to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. With the condition that he must be able to sharpen his best time record.

Currently the best time for Emilia is 13.59 seconds. The record he got when he won the Malaysian open gold medal in 2019.

Meanwhile, to be able to qualify at least Emilia must be able to meet the Olympic women’s goal time limit of 12.84 seconds. This means that the runner who is commonly called Emil is required to sharpen his time record 0.5-0.8 seconds in order to lock one place at the Olympics.

Unfortunately this will not be an easy task. Moreover, Emilia is still not fully recovered from a plantar fasiciitis injury (a disease that occurs in the tissue that connects the heel to the toe) which had disturbed the preparations at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

“If it is for an opportunity to pass, if I am realistic, I still believe in Emil’s ability. But with a limit of 12.84 seconds it is rather difficult to pursue until July, whereas this is January.
It’s not that I’m not optimistic, but I’m a realistic person, it’s hard to get 12.84 seconds,

“PB PASI Fitri trainer Fitri” Ongky “Haryadi said as quoted by

Onky himself said Emilia’s condition was still not 100 percent cured. The 24-year-old runner sometimes still feels uncomfortable in part of his old injuries.

Therefore he was reluctant to overburden with the target of qualifying for the Olympics. It is feared that Emilia overexerted herself to worsen the injury suffered.

Nearby Emilia will compete at the indoor Asian athletics championship in Hangzhou, China which competes in 60 meter hurdles. There Emilia is expected to be able to break the Indoor hurdles record which is now in the possession of Dedeh Herawati.

“In Hangzhou it will be a competition and this is a new experience for Emil. Before, Kak Dedeh had never been different in terms of tracks, “said Ongky.

“Hopefully, it can hopefully break the record in the indoor. This is the first time Emil has been indoors, “he said again.


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