Closer to Doni Haryono, MVP Sports Volleyball SEA Games 2019

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Doni Haryono succeeded in scoring Indonesia after gaining a gold medal at the 2019 SEA Games through Putra Volleyball. His name became more famous after winning the MVP alias the best volleyball sports player Putra.

As is well known, the fragrant hand of Doni succeeded in making the Garuda team successfully dominate group B which was filled in Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. Dono’s contribution is very dominant and managed to become Indonesia’s top score.

Not only that, the Indonesian volleyball team also succeeded in getting rid of Myanmar in the semifinals. The gold medal was successfully won after overthrowing the host of the Philippines in the final.

The teenager who was born on February 21, 1999 admitted that he had always loved soccer. Initially he played soccer and also volleyball. But he was then instructed by parents to pursue volleyball.

“I was playing volleyball since I was young. However, I started to pursue new volleyball for high school class 1 by entering PPLP (Center for Student Education and Training) in Central Java in 2014,” Doni was quoted by

“Initially, I was taught by my father. You worked on village volleyball. At home, there was a ball, then I was told to play football. I used to play soccer, volleyball too. Doni
Since then Doni began to diligently participate in the national championship (National Championship) and National Student Sports Week (Popnas).

His work in the volleyball world was even better after he was called up by the national team in 2015. He then played in the age group national team at the 2015 and 2016 ASEAN School Games.

Unfortunately at the 2017 SEA Games he has not had the chance to appear with the first team. And only then in the 2019 SEA Games did he skyrocket and prove himself.

“I am proud to be the best player. I am proud of my friends who have supported me. Even though I am a junior, friends believe in me, “said Doni.


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