China Supports Indonesia to be an Olympics Host


President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Indonesia, Raja Sapta Oktohari, said that the Chinese government had given a commitment in the form of full support to Indonesia to host the 2032 Olympics.

During his working visit, Oktohari was facilitated by the Indonesian Ambassador to China HE Djauhari Oratmangun and accompanied by a member of the Indonesian NOC Executive Committee, Teuku Arlan Perkasa Lukman. The Indonesian NOC entourage also had the opportunity to hold an audience with the Chinese Minister of Public Administration and Sports who also served as the President of the Chinese NOC, Gou Zhongwen as well as visiting the athlete training building located behind the Chinese NOC office.

China became the first country that Octohari officially visited to ask for support for Indonesia’s plan to host the 2032 Olympics. China was chosen because it had the experience of hosting the Olympics in 2008, as well as its global sporting achievements.

“Gon Zhongwen said that China strongly supports Indonesia to host the 2032 Olympics. China is committed to providing full support for Indonesia and will help Indonesia needs through its networks,” Oktohari said in Beijing, China, Thursday (11/14 / 2019).

Full support is one of them also motivated by China’s admiration for the success of Indonesia when it hosted the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games in 2018. According to Oktohari, China is very satisfied with the service, culture and hospitality exhibited by Indonesia during its hosting the biggest multi-event sporting event.

Zhongwen also called Oktohari was willing to establish further cooperation through training programs and athlete exchanges for all sports. Especially now that China has implemented sport science which is very supportive of improving the achievements of its athletes on the world stage.

“It’s natural that China’s current sporting achievements are very good because indeed they are very focused. From what I see, their sports science is extraordinary. They maximize it to measure and improve the quality of their athletes in scoring world achievements, ”

Moreover, the Chinese government specializes in the use of sports facilities for elite athletes by covering 2/3 of its funding. Whereas 1/3 other financing is taken from leasing these facilities to the general public if elite athletes are not currently using them.

Arlan Perkasa added that going forward NOC Indonesia made a collaboration that mentioned the details of the aid commitments given by the Chinese NOC. Not only for the sake of support for the 2032 Olympics, but also for sports development programs in Indonesia.

“Because China feels that it has a debt of gratitude to Indonesia for their success in badminton. Especially in China, sport is now one of the propaganda tools for young people. Many things we can take and learn from China to advance our sport, “explained Arlan.

Meanwhile, the Head of Information and Social Culture of the Indonesian Embassy to China, Arianto Surojo, said that Indonesia would also support the success of the Bamboo Curtain State in the holding of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangchou. Including when China hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics.

“They asked for help to Indonesia because they were considered successful in holding the Asian Games. They said they would learn from Indonesia and would fully support Indonesia to host the 2032 Olympics, “Arianto said.


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