Check the Latest Conditions for Athletes, BMX Holds Tests

Sumber Gambar:

BMX number from the bicycle racing sport branch, starts to move in the framework of the implementation of national training. BMX National Team held a peak power test in Banyuwangi, East Java, to monitor the latest condition of the drivers. Because, for the past three months, BMX athletes have not been able to train optimally, because of the co-19 pandemic.

“The routine (peak power) should be there every month, just because of limited equipment, I bring the equipment actually has a track,” said Dadang Haris Purnomo head of the cycling team, reported by Antaranews.

There are six national BMX racers who took the test. They are, I Gusti Bagus Saputra, Rio Akbar, Toni Syarifudin, Pasha, Jasmine Azzahra and Amellya Nur Sifa.

“Children of three months have never trained weight training. Nearly three months off because the fitness center in Banyuwangi is closed. I need to know how much the decline (condition) of children,” added Dada.

While the measurement activities are carried out using the Wattbike Model B static bicycle, then the athletes will take turns pedaling the bike as much as possible, in just six seconds.

Further explained by Dadang, that the six athletes, now must be able to practice by adjusting to the existing situation, namely with many limitations. Moreover, up to now many fitness centers in Banyuwangi have not yet operated, due to the co-19 pandemic.

Dada also has not been able to explain the training program in detail, especially welcoming the Tokyo Olympics qualifying round. This is due to the covid-19 pandemic which made many tournaments canceled, and the BMX team could no longer compete.


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