Carry out Long-Term Targets, PB ISSI Contract World Class Consultant

Sumber Gambar:

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association (PB ISSI) did not play games in supporting Indonesia’s plans to host the 2032 Olympics. The organization led by Raja Sapta Oktohari took foreign consultant Frederic Magne.

Indonesia itself does have the determination to be able to host the biggest sporting event in the world Olympics in 2032. This is what underlies PB ISSI has been collaborating with Frederic Magne since now.

Frederic himself is a seven-time world champion in track numbers. He is also the founder and general director of the UCI World Cycling Center (WCC) for 10 years.

“Our target is the short-term Olympics of 2024, medium (2026) and long 2032. We not only want to be the host but also want to win in this bicycle race,” said PB ISSI Chairman, Raja Sapta Oktohari, do Sudirman FX Office, Senayan, Tuesday (01/21/2020), as quoted from

Okto said that Frederic had the main task of analyzing, evaluating and identifying racer seeds, and preparing a national bicycle racing acceleration achievement program. He will start serving as of February 2020.

“So first make a training program for young people and middle athletes to the elite. Then, prepare elite athletes to get a medal whose orientation is Qualification to the French Olympics in 2024,” he said.

“Meanwhile, for the 2032 Olympics, we have already counted to recruit 13-year-old children so that by 2032. Later, when they are 25 years old reach peak performance. Indeed, this requires a long process,” he added.

Frederic himself said that he was very pleased with this project. He admitted that he was impatient to be able to immediately work with PB ISSI in Indonesia. For him, this is a challenge.

“This is a challenge for me. I hope through this collaboration we can find good riders who can be promoted to a higher level on the international scene,” said the 51-year-old man.



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