Captain of the Indonesian Swimming National Team, Reveals to Face this Challenge

Sumber: Pribadi/

The sports world has indeed had a big impact from the co-19 pandemic. Not only has the schedule for tournaments and competitions of various sports levels been delayed, the virus, also known as corona, also forces professional and national athletes to now practice on their own, or independently.

Of course, when practicing independently, no longer all the training programs they run can be done to the maximum, moreover the exercises are held online, which of course invites separate challenges in their implementation.

That was felt by the members of the beautiful swimming team of Indonesia and the captain of the beautiful swimming national team, Naima Syeeda Sharita.

“The challenge when practicing independently at home is that the coach cannot 100% evaluate the movements or justify the position of the athlete during physical training. This is certainly different when meeting directly with the coach,” said the swimmer born in 2000, as reported by Tribunnews.

In addition, the woman who was listed as a student majoring in graphic design also revealed that she and her colleagues could not only rely on physical exercise, because actually training directly in the pool they most needed.

It’s just that, closing their swimming pool training location so far, making Naima et al forced to only be able to devour the physical exercise menu in the meantime.

“We cannot exercise physically continuously, because if we do not practice in water the water feeling can be forgotten,” he added.

Not only this, Naima said, that endurance while on land is clearly not the same as when in the water, so this is where the need to intensely be able to practice in a swimming pool.


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