BWF Announces Indonesia Open 2020 Schedule, PBSI Prepares Immediately

Sumber Gambar: ANTARA FOTO/INASGOC/Nafielah Mahmudah/tom/18.

The Central Board of Management (PP) of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) ensured that they would immediately hold preparations to face the Indonesia Open Super 1000 which had been confirmed by the World Badminton Federation on Friday, May 22. Indonesia Open plan will be held on 17-22 November 2020.

“With the release of the official schedule from BWF, PBSI can immediately take preparatory steps starting from organizing the committee, determining the location of the tournament, and making several alternative concept events,” said PPSI Secretary General PP Achmad Budiharto as quoted by Antara.

The list of the latest tournament series, announced by BWF, after previously the entire international agenda had to be postponed, was due to the co-19 global pandemic.

Based on the schedule that has been released by BWF, the tournament season will begin in August 2020. Starting with the Super 100 level tournament, the Hyderabad Open 2020 which will be held in Hyderabad India, 11-16 August.

Meanwhile, tournaments with level 500 and above will only be held in September. Opened with the Korea Open 2020, which is a Super 500 level tournament. The Korea Open will take place in Seoul on September 8-13.

While the Indonesia Open 2020 tournament, which is a Super 1000 level tournament, plans to be held on November 17-22, 2020. The schedule given by the BWF is in accordance with the previous request from PBSI, which is to move the tournament from June to September-December.

“From the beginning we submitted between September and December, taking into consideration the condition of the corona outbreak, which began to subside. We think this is an ideal schedule, not close together, but not too far at the end of the year because there is a BWF Tour Finals tournament, “Budiharto said.

Referring to BWF’s latest schedule, the composition of the tournament is indeed very crowded. Reflecting on this, PBSI will immediately arrange a player delegation program, with priority scale.

“With a busy schedule, the Binpres team (coaching and achievement) must arrange a priority scale, which athletes will participate in any tournament. However, there are several tournaments that will be confirmed again from the host country, one of which is China,” he said.

Meanwhile, athletes who have fasted competed for the past five months, also have great homework to be able to restore their condition, such as when undergoing the tournament season. The last international tournament, which was undertaken by the Indonesian Team was the All England 2020 last March.

“We are fortunate to continue to carry out independent quarantine so far, so athletes can still be conditioned in terms of fitness and feeling of playing,” said Budiharto revealed.

PBSI’s next task is to restore the athlete’s condition to its full potential and prepare them to return to the competition season.


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