This BUMN is Ready to Continue Supporting National Athletes’ Achievements

Sumber Gambar: Antara News

Sports and also the athletes will not be able to grow bigger without support, especially financial support from sponsors. Like one of the big sponsors, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Persero, which endlessly to make various breakthroughs, to continue to support various sports in order to continue to achieve.

With the support of one of the sponsors such as BRI, of course, anyone who is an athlete will be more motivated to train harder for the best performance to be able to make the nation’s name proud both national and international.

“From the beginning, we are committed continuing to advance the spirit or spirit of young people through sports,” said Consumer Director of Bank BRI Handayani reported from (31/10/18).

So far, according to Handayani, Bank BRI has provided real support for a number of sports in the country, including badminton, basketball, soccer, tennis and karate.

“We provide support for these sports because they have many athletes who are champions or achievers, both at national and international levels,” said Handayani.

Handayani further said that if this State-Owned Enterprise does only support sports that are very popular in the community, because popular sports are already known by every level of society and citizens can easily do so.

“We only support sports that are well known in the community and it is easy for the community to do the sport,” Handayani said.

That way, he also hopes that in the future there will be more Indonesian athletes from these sports who excel and make the nation’s name proud internationally.

Even so, he added, his party does not rule out the possibility that in the future there would be other sports branches which turned out to be able to produce outstanding athletes.

“It is possible for us to support other sports. But certainly, we have to look first in terms of the athlete’s achievements and the type of sport itself, familiar to the community or not, “concluded Handayani.


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