Indonesia’s Badminton Rises to Number Three in the World


Soccer might be the most popular sport in Indonesia. But badminton is not a sport that can be underestimated by the people of the country. There are various achievements, at regional level such as in the SEA Games or Asian Games until the international championship is always able to be presented by the badminton athletes. The national anthem Indonesia Raya is almost always played in every strand.

Badminton is indeed always giving its own pride for Indonesia. The golden generation continues to emerge to make the nation’s name start from Rudy Hartono, Liem Swie King, Susi Susanti, Taufik Hidayat to the latest duo Kevin Sanjaya and Marcus Gideon in men’s doubles.  Reporting from Viva, Indonesia is still able to maintain its status as Badminton’s giant in the world. During 2018, Indonesia’s ranking continued to increase.

Based on the latest data published by the World Badminton Federation or BWF, on the official website, Monday, October 29th, 2018, in October 2018, Indonesia is ranked 3rd in the world.  Whereas in the beginning of this year, Indonesia was still ranked 7th in the world. Indonesia is ranked 3rd in the world with 8,900 points. In the meantime, ranked number 1 in the world is still held by Japan with a total point of 11,400, ranked second in the world by China with 11,200 points.  Throughout 2018, BWF has published four times the rank list of world badminton. Of the 4 times the list was released, Indonesia’s rank has always increased.

In the BWF world rank list in January, Indonesia is ranked 7th in the world with 7,250 points. Then in April 2018, Indonesia rose to number 5th  in the world overtaking India and Malaysia.

Then in the world ranking list in July 2018, Indonesia ranks back up one rank to number 4 in the world, under Denmark ranked 3, Japan ranks 2 and China ranks 1.

Here is the rank list of the world’s 10 newest BWF versions

  1. Japan with 11,400 points.
  2. China with 11,200 points.
  3. Indonesia with 8,900 points.
  4. Denmark with 8,600 points.
  5. Thailand with 7,650 points.
  6. Taiwan with 7,400 points.
  7. South Korea with 7,100 points.
  8. Malaysia with 6,900 points.
  9. India with 5,700 points.
  10. Hong Kong with 5,200 points.



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