Building the Competition Competition, PP Pelti Holds an Internal Tournament

Sumber Gambar: Twitter @tenis_indonesia

The Board of the Indonesian Tennis Association (PP Pelti) continues to raise the level of the tennis Pelatnas, by now holding an internal tournament between the female Pelatnas tennis players at the Bung Karno Tennis Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, from 16 June to 3 July 2020.

There are six Indonesian team players who will be involved in the mini tournament. They are Aldila Sutjiadi, Priska Madelyn Nugroho, Janice Tjen, Beatrice Gumulya, Jessy Rompies and Rifanty Kahfiani.

According to Pelti’s Chairperson, Rildo Ananda Anwar, the tournament was held in order to increase the enthusiasm of competing athletes, who had indeed been almost absent from the last four months of the tournament, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The management always monitors the training of the athletes. But they have not been in competition for a long time. The fear is that the spirit of competition or the spirit of competition has declined. Therefore we have an internal competition to give them motivation. Rildo is quoted from Beritasatu.

It’s just that in the view of Rildo, the Indonesian women’s tennis team continued to train during the pandemic, by sticking to strict health protocols. The same thing applies to Pelti’s internal tournament. Besides for the women’s sector, Rildo also said that the tournament for men’s tennis will also be held.

“Our sons will start next week. They will train and later they will also compete internally. We will also see the results of their respective independent training. Then we will join and compete. Because they have not competed for a long time,” he said.

In the near future, Pelti is scheduled to return to call male tennis players, such as Christopher Rungkat, M Rifqi Fitriadi, Gunawan Trismuwantara, Jati Agatra, Lucky Chandra, and Tegar Abdi.

“We are preparing letters according to the health protocol for male tennis players to be able to arrive in Jakarta,” said Rildo.

Rildo added that his side would still give prizes to tennis players who appeared as champions in the mini tournament.

“There’s deh, certainly there is because the activity is called a match simulation. So, we prepare prizes for all players according to the ranking as in the official tournament,” conclude Rildo.


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