BTN Targets National Basketball Training Training to Begin Mid-July

Arki Dikania Wisnu, sumber:

The management of the Indonesian Center for Basketball Association (PP Perbasi) still has not set a definite date for starting the National Pelatnas, even though they already have the blessing of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).

According to Perbasi Chairperson Danny Kosasih, his party will still coordinate with the National Team Agency (BTN) to be able to ensure a plan for training camps in the midst of the new normal transition period of the 19th pandemic.

Until now, Danny said that Perbasi continued to compile health protocols and training camps.

“Our national team has planned to start training again, but I conveyed yesterday to BTN to arrange how the best pattern,” said Danny.

“Because if the national team has trained again, it is likely that friends in the area will follow,” he added.

The Indonesian Team’s training camp for men’s basketball has indeed been stopped since March, following the suspension of the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) 2020 competition, due to the co-19 pandemic.

The National Basketball Team that wears the name Indonesia Patriots also participates in IBL 2020, as a medium to provide more hours of continuous flight.

As soon as the IBL was suspended by the end of May, the head coach of the national basketball team, Rajko Toroman, also returned to his country of Serbia, after he had been detained for a long time in Indonesia due to the tightening of transportation modes by the government.

Meanwhile, one of the BTN members Sofie Emilia said that it was hoped that in mid-July the basketball activity would be able to resume.

“The plan is to return in early July, but because of the condition of this pandemic, hopefully in mid-July if it is possible for national training to run again,” he said.

“Currently the monitoring by the players but still carried out in the ranks of the coach, including Coach Toro even though he is in his country,” said Sofie completing.

Besides that, BTN also continues to provide tight guard to the naturalization process of two basketball players, Lester Proper and Brandon Jawato, who are expected to be able to increase the strength of the national team, in order to achieve the target of qualifying for the finals of the FIBA ​​2023 World Cup finals.

So far the men’s national team has suffered two defeats in its first two matches in the qualifying phase of the FIBA ​​Asian Cup in 2021. The defeat was obtained from South Korea and the Philippines.

Furthermore, the Red and White Troops will travel to Thailand in the second window, the FIBA ​​Asian Cup qualification in 2021, on November 27, 2020, and to South Korea three days ago.


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