BPJS Employment Support Indonesian Team to Fight in the Largest Sport Event in Asia


BPJS Employment is present in providing guarantees that are the right of every worker in Indonesia, with the background of any profession, including athletes. Not a few of our athletes who have carried out noble missions have honored the nation in the world contestation, such as the Asian Games 2018. But not many know how an athlete lives his/her second life when he/she is no longer in the arena. Medal achievements that are neatly arranged as incisions that make the name of Indonesia not also become qualified capital to live and for his/her existence.

Many of the nation’s ambassadors suffered minor to serious injuries during the match even in training sessions, which resulted in the athletes no longer able to compete even until they had to “hang their shoes”. In this problem, which party should be responsible for the healing process of injury or even loss of income due to serious injury to the athlete?
BPJS Employment is fully committed to support Team Indonesia, as an official partner by providing protection for social risks that occur in activities as athletes who make Indonesia famous in the world match.

This was stated in the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the BPJS Employment and the Indonesian Olympic Committee which was carried out directly by the Managing Director of the BPJS Employment, Agus Susanto and the Chairman of KOI, Erick Tohir at the BPJS Employment Building on Friday (27/07).

The Managing Director of BPJS Employment, Agus Susanto stated, “with the existence of Work Accident Protection (JKK) and Death Guarantee (JKm), athletes can focus on preparing themselves with intensive training, so as to produce optimal results that will boast us that the children of the nation will give the most beautiful offerings for this nation,”

Through this protection, those who become the pedestal in bringing back the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world, will be protected from the physical risks that occur during training and compete in the prestigious Asian level that we will be in the next few days.

“We recognize that in Indonesia the athlete’s profession cannot be the main foundation for sustaining the life to come, at least we are here for the heroes with all their hard work, trying to make Indonesia proud in providing work accident protection insurance and death insurance for them, Agus added to the media crew.

The main benefit of JKK protection is in the form of protection starting from going from home to work, while working and getting home, if there is a work accident, treatment according to medical needs without cost limitation, compensation for wages (reported) of 100% for the first 6 months, 75% for the second 6 months, 50% for the next, compensation if disability 70% x 80 months reported wages (max 56x wages reported), death benefit 48x wages reported, scholarship assistance for 1 child amounting to Rp. 12 million for kindergarten for those who experienced work accident and death /total permanent disability.

While the death benefits in the form of compensation amounting to Rp24 million and scholarships for 1 child amounting to Rp. 12 million.

KOI General Chair Erick Thohir said, all this time national athletes were not all protected. He said that not a few who experienced financial difficulties in care when embracing an injury. The collaboration with BPJS Employment, according to him, is part of a joint effort to elevate the lives of the athletes.

“Thank you BPJS Employment because these athletes should have more value. This cooperation is solely for the welfare of our athletes, “he said during the signing of the cooperation between KOI and BPJS Employment.

This program will be more perfect in preparing athletes to look at their second life when they are no longer on the floor in the competition arena and they are prepared with the Old Age Insurance program (JHT) owned by BPJS Employment. This savings program is prepared for the future just in case of loss of income, in the future we will no longer hear the sad stories of athletes in the future, and they will prosper.



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