Bima Sakti Picks Valuable Lesson

Sumber Gambar: Bola.Net

“I got an amazing lesson at the AFF Cup. Players also play amazingly. For me personally, it’s like a test: I’m still in junior high school but I immediately take a test at a university. Maybe there was my mistake about the selection of players that became my responsibility, “- Bima Sakti.

The elimination of the Indonesian national team from the AFF Cup 2018 competition indeed suffocates. In addition to fail to advance to the next round, Indonesia is certain to again fail to win a championship in the Southeast Asian countries football tournament.

In the last match that had no effect on the fate of Indonesia, the national team faced the Philippines at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Sunday (25/11). This time, the Garuda Force failed to get full points from the hands of a team that has now become a new force. Indonesia is only able to draw 0-0.

As a substitute for Luis Milla, Coach Bima Sakti claimed to have learned valuable lessons. As quoted from CNN Indonesia, the former Indonesian national player apologized for the achievements he had achieved with his team.

“Once again, I apologize to the people who are soccer fns because they cannot bring Indonesia through to the semifinals,”Said Bima Sakti while holding back tears in the GBK media conference post-match.


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