Create History, DPRD NTT Becomes The First That Makes Sport Regional Government

Sumber Gambar: Tribun News

The voice of the East Nusa Tenggara or NTT sports community was finally heard by members of the Regional Representative Council (DPRD) of East Nusa Tenggara Province, why? Yes, because the members of the Council made a new history of making special Regional Regulations for Sports.

Policy making that brings the aspirations of NTT people is deemed necessary to immediately draft a regional regulation. Since the establishment of the province and often organizing and participating in various sports activities, both at the national and international levels, there has never been a regulation that specifically regulates sports.

Reporting from, this was initiated by the NTT DPRD through Commission V in collaboration with the Sports Youth Office, KONI and experts in the field of sports. Ranperda is now approaching the final stage of completion.

Starting the implementation of Porprov 2014, continued to PON 2015 and PON XIX 2016 ago, the KONI NTT ran all the programs with makeshift funds. Even the Chairman and Daily of KONI NTT, Frans Lebu Raya and Andre Koreh, had to auction songs in order to get additional funds. This is what is felt by the members of the Board especially the Commission V of the NTT DPRD.

It was the good collaboration between the government, DPRD and KONI NTT that made NTT Province successfully won 7 gold medals, 7 Silver medals and 9 Bronze medals in the 2016 PON XIX event. The breakthrough of Frans Lebu Raya and Andre Koreh was supported by the NTT DPRD and finally everything was done and made history for the first time all medalists in sports event were given bonus in for of money and houses of type 36

Sports Ranperda has actually been thought of by the Commission V of the NTT DPRD since returning from the Bandung-West Java PON. In 2017, Commission V of the NTT DPRD invited KONI to carry out a comparative study in Bandung, to be exact Dispora and KONI of West Java Province.

Although the process takes a very long time because it covers various aspects, including sports related to State Education, Recreation, Achievement, Disability and Civil Service. but finally it can relieve all parties.  With the existence of this Sports Draft Regional Regulation, it could be that the sports community in NTT Province can be more developed and do not rule out the possibility, the sports community in the Java region who often receive the highest award will be defeated by NTT.


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