Determined to Produce National Basketball Players, DBL Tightens the Rules


Every participant, both the player and the school that participates in the Intermediate High School (SMA) basketball competition, currently, they cannot easily join the prestigious basketball championship held by the Developmental Basketball League (DBL).  This happen because the current manager makes special rules for participants, to be able to participate actively. The participants must have good report cards, meaning that every student who wants to participate must have a class. If the students don’t make it to the next level, it will be a barrier for the player to be able to taste this prestigious competition between high schools.

This is said by senior DBL Indonesia Communication Manager Rocky Maghbal aimed at supporting the student athletes concept which at the same time emphasized that it is not just a theme or slogan that DBL used to attract attention.

“So those who come to play, the requirements are indeed required to have a value that is not below the standard. That’s the first, especially if he/she (the player) does not make it to the next level. Tht is not allowed,”said Rocky quoted from (10/21/18).

As for the participants who choose to change schools, Rocky said if the rules also apply to each participant. According to Rocky, this is one of the obstacles for students to be able to play in DBL.

Because the mechanism is very strict, Rocky said that the school could prepare the original data and copies as part of the player verification.  “Those who might intend to be flea jumps, this year at this school, the following year, they are also not allowed. Our control mechanism is quite strict. So we ask them to prepare the original data, as well as the copy, we verify it, “Rocky added.

And if there is fraud, the DBL does not hesitate to give sanctions if it is enough to flick the players or the school. The ban on playing for years for players or schools has been prepared by DBL.

“And, if there is fraud, our sanctions are quite strict too. First, not only the perpetrator, the child or the trainer, for example, but the school can be banned from participation in DBL. So it can be three years, five years may not come, “closed Rocky.


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