This is the Effort of East Java’s Government to Form Early Age’s Athlete Maximally


Early age athlete coaching is encouraged by the East Java Provincial Government through the East Java Youth and Sports Agency to support the development of sustainable sports in Indonesia.

This is proved with the implementation of Basic Trainers Training for Teacher Training from elementary, junior high, high school / vocational high school, and sports coaches (extracurricular).

In the training that takes place in the Hajj Dormitory, Sukolilo, Surabaya starting on Friday-Sunday (19-21 / 10/2018), the teachers are given an understanding of the right techniques and methods to strengthen talent scouting sports in the school environment.

“The aim is to strengthen talent scouting sports in schools with the right techniques and methods for teachers,” said the East Java Province Kadispora, Supratomo, quoted from

For information, at least 500 teachers from elementary, junior high, high school / vocational high school and sports coaches (extracurricular) participated in the training. While the material included in the training brought in from Kemenpora, then Surabaya State University (Unesa), KONI and East Java Dispora.

Suprapto added that the training is the first to be held in East Java. Not only stopped there, similar activities plan will be held regularly every year. It is expected that teachers can apply standardized training for athletes of early age who can be fostered and formed as professional athletes.

Moreover, East Java is one of the provinces that contribute a lot of athletes to Indonesia for various levels of national to international championships.

“This is the first time it has been implemented so that teachers can apply training standards for talent in schools, we plan to hold it every year, however, we have to see at the strength of the budget first,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the basic training for teachers does not only take place in Surabaya. Similar training will also be held in Sidoarjo (SMAN 1 Sidoarjo) on 26th -28th  October 2018; in the Soejono Building, Lumajang on 2nd -4th  November 2018; in Kediri Regency on November 9th -11th , 2018; and in Tulungagung on November 14th -16th, 2018.


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