Here’s the Role of the Oil and Gas Sector in Increasing National Sports Achievement

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The contribution of state-owned oil and gas, Pertamina in the sports sector, seems inseparable. Pertamina always supports the development of national sports.  Starting Basketball, Volleyball to Football, Pertamina’s role has been proven. This can be seen from the establishment of Pertamina Soccer School. Pertamina Soccer School’s main mission is to galvanize young protégés of football.

The selection is pretty serious, to be able to enter Pertamina Soccer School the players have to go through series of tests. Like Roby Andika, a Pertamina Soccer School player, FC’s young Sriwijaya player this season, who have the chance to play with the senior team.

Another sport that is volleyball is also in Pertamina’s monitoring. Pertamina’s contribution to the development of volleyball is proven by the establishment of the Jakarta Pertamina Energy team.  The power of JPE at the national level is also not playing games. Their male and female teams are known to be strong. In the season 2017, they almost combined the title. Unfortunately, the women’s team failed to beat Jakarta Electric PLN in the final.

Not enough in volleyball and soccer, Pertamina is involved in the development of national basketball by sponsoring the giant Satria Muda team.

Successfully taking part in domestic sports, Pertamina has begun to show its golden touch in the international arena, the Asian Games 2018.

In the Asian scale event, Pertamina is directly involved in the success of the prestigious title.  It starts from CSR funds for infrastructure development, up to sponsorship of fresh funds. Pertamina is directly involved in the construction of a bowling track in the Jakabaring complex, Palembang. A total of 40 bowling trails in Jakabaring are built with funds provided. At least Rp40 billion is disbursed.

“Through this support, Pertamina hopes the Asian Games 2018 will run smoothly. So, Indonesia will maintain its good name in the eyes of the international, “said Vice President Corporate Communications, Adiatma Sardjito reported by (29/10/18).

Collaboration with SOEs is actually needed in the process of developing national sports. In accordance with the Circular from the Minister of Home Affairs on February 7th, 2017, the APBD may only be used for sports with an amateur level. That is, the use of APBD for professional sports is prohibited.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, advised that SOEs must be present in the national sports sector. Their presence as a foster father is needed so that competition and sports coaching can run smoothly.

“If everything can be handled, then many achievements will come. Mr. President Joko Widodo wants the BUMN to become a ‘Foster Father’ from the Indonesian sports branches. This is for the sake of advancing Indonesia’s sports achievements in the future, “Imam Nahrawi said.

Imam further said that Japan and China also do the same thing as Indonesia, which collaborates with state-owned companies so that sporting events and sports coaching can go hand in hand to produce the best achievements.


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