Scholarship for Wiji Lestari


Young age is not an obstacle to create achievements. This has been proven by Wiji Lestari who won the bronze medal in the women’s BMX bicycle racing, in the biggest sports event in Asia, Asian Games 2018.

Wiji recorded a time of 40.788 seconds, her record was less than that of Chinese gold medalist Zhang Yaru, who recorded a time of 39.843 seconds and Thailand’s representative, Kitwanitsathian Chuttikan in second place with silver with a time of 40.379 seconds.

The achievement of the 19-year-old girl has great result. In addition of getting a bonus that the government has promised, she gets a scholarship from the World Bicycle Racing Association (UCI) to train at the World Cycling Center (WCC) headquarters in Switzerland. This scholarship directly was given by the WCC Director, Frederic Magne when he met Wiji at the Velodrome on Monday (27/8). This scholarship is certainly the first step to make higher achievements for Wiji Lestari.

General Chairman of PB ISSI (Executive Board of the Indonesian Bicycle Sport Association) Raja Sapta Oktohari, who met by the press in the Jakarta International Velodrome, Tuesday, August 28th , 2018 stated “He (Magne) immediately conveyed and invited Wiji, you got a scholarship from UCI later this year.”

Actually Magne’s appearance to Indonesia aims to evaluate the Velodrome arena and the implementation of bicycle racing at the Asian Games 2018.

“I come here to evaluate this facility and so far I am really impressed with all the facilities that are available,” Magne said, as quoted from AsianGames

Magne also took the time to review the BMX arena in Pulo Mas, East Jakarta. “This BMX arena is world class, and I must admit that this velodrome, you have a different velodrome level, and this velodrome has an upper class level,” Magne said.

In addition to invite Wiji to conduct training camps and train together at the WCC, Swiis, Magne will also bring British BMX athlete, Liam Philips, to provide a coaching clinic for the Indonesian Bicycle Racing Team coaches.

“We still set the schedule, the plan is before the end of this year,” Okto said.


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