Beach Volleyball Starts Hunting for Olympic 2020 Tickets


Beach volleyball began to hold national training in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Pelatnas beach volleyball plan is followed by 8 elite players and 4 coatings.
In addition to following the national training, 12 beach volleyball athletes, plans will also be included in five international championships.

As reported by, the plan, the national training itself will begin in March in volleyball Padepokan, Sentul, Bogor. The names that are called, also will not be too far from the ranks of athletes who strengthen the Indonesian Team at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. Namely, Ade Candra Rachmawan, M. Ashfiya, Gilang Ramadhan and Danang Yudhistira Probadi.

” They will be gathered at Sentul on March 1, ” said Slamet Mulyanto, head of the PPVSI beach volleyball field.

Slamet said, after winning the SEA Games gold, the players were temporarily returned to their respective regions. Because even though they had not yet entered the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, each of them had to prepare themselves to defend their respective regions in PON XX 2020 / Papua.

’’ In the regions they take part in PON regional training and are in the care of national trainers. There is already special preparation. By April, pre-competition. May-June has entered the competition, ” he said.

The Indonesian men’s team for beach volleyball is predicted to have a big chance, qualifying for the Olympics. With the main conditions, must be able to win the AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup. Indonesia itself directly entered the championship finals, capitalized in the 2019 SEA Games champions.

In the final round, Indonesia competed with China, Iran, Japan, Oman, Qatar, one representative from the Oceania zone, and one representative from the semifinal results. The match will take place on June 25-28 in China.


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