Beach Volleyball Becomes Indonesia’s Last Hope at AWBG 2019


Asa 4×4 men’s volleyball team brought home a gold medal for Mother Earth has vanished after the fall in the hands of the United States in the semifinal at Al-Gharafa Beach, Qatar Tuesday (10/15/2019) local time. This is Indonesia’s second time against the United States at the World Beach Games. The two have already met during the Group A phase with Qatar and Germany.

The first meeting ended with the victory of the United States, but Indonesia gave fierce resistance, 21-18 and 23-21. Even though fallen Indonesia still has the right to get a place in the playoffs. For not using the knockout system, the four teams that competed in the group phase were entitled to qualify for the playoffs.

In the quarter-finals they met with Australia who became the top of Group B. Despite the tough, this match was won by Indonesia with a dramatic score, 23-25, 21-16 and 15 -9.
Meanwhile over the Indonesian branch, the United States won easily over the Republic of Mozambique with striking scores 21-14 and 21-13. Because they are in the same branch, the two teams meet again in the semifinals.

On this second occasion Indonesia would certainly be better prepared. The results of the first meeting became their capital for revans in the semifinals. While maintaining hope to be able for achieve the gold medal target. Unfortunately, it’s not only Indonesia that I am improving. US players also developed after the group phase.

The dominance of Mc Kibbin Maddison and his friends also ended the Indonesian resistance with a lame score, 21-15 and 21-12. These results make the US the right to qualify for the final party against host Qatar who successfully overthrew Poland in the semifinal.

On the other hand Indonesia still has a chance to gain a medal during the race for third place against Poland on Wednesday (10/16/2019) later. Slamet Mulyanto’s foster children will be the last hope to fly the Merah Putih Flag in Qatar.


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