Bambang Hartono and Coaching Indonesian’s Bridge


Through Bridge sports, Bambang Hartono succeeded in donating a bronze medal at the biggest sports event in Asia, Asian Games 2018. Thanks to his incision he was invited to President Joko Widodo’s Gathering with athletes who win medals at the Asian Games 2018. . In this event there’s also a symbolic handover of bonuses to athletes who win medals.

Achieving a bronze medal, Bambang has the right to get a bonus of Rp. 150 million from the government. Bambang said that, “The bonus money is given for bridge development, so it will be turned back to the bridge completely.”

Bambang Hartono is the richest person in Indonesia who owns the Djarum Group. He becomes the oldest representative in the Indonesian contingent. He also becomes the fourth oldest athlete, under Kong Te Yang (Philippines), Hung Fong Lee (Malaysia) and Lai Chin Ng (Singapore) who also represented his country as bridge athletes.

His love of Bridge sports has been embedded since childhood. He started playing bridge when he was 6 years old. Even at the age of 12, he has chosen to become a professional bridge player. The reason, besides being fun, the bridge can train someone to be a leader.

The entry of the Bridge sport at the Asian Games 2018 thanks to the government’s struggle, the GABSI (Joint Indonesian Bridge) and Bambang Hartono in convincing Sheik Al Sabah, President of the OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) that brigde is not gambling.

Through his persistent efforts in fighting for Bridge sports, Bambang Hartono received a gold medal from the World Federation of Bridge (WBF). Bridge is a complicated card game. All possibilities can occur because the variety of cards that come out can be millions. Of course if you want to win you need analytical skills, the implementation of strategies and the right decision making with all risks. So don’t be surprised if bridge is a sport that squeezes the brain.

Even though he is already 78 years old, he will continue to play bridge. In an interview conducted at Antara news agency, Hartono said “I play bridge to keep my memory sharp. My other hobby is tai chi exercise to help me focus.”



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