Bali Potential Rock Climbing Athlete, Got a Surprise Calling Pelatnas

Sumber Gambar: Radar Bali

The Central Board of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (PP FPTI) has announced the names of athletes who will enter the Pelatnas who are projected to face the qualification round to the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

There are 12 names that will be called by FPTI to participate in the Pelatnas, which plans to be held in Jakarta. Of the 12 rock climbers, there is one name that is a surprise.

He is an athlete from Bali Desak Made Rita Kusuma Dewi. Even the girl who is familiarly called Desist Rita was very surprised, her name appeared in the list of athletes who were projected to take part in the Olympic Qualification event.

“Athletes who are called on average I know because they have been at National Championship and they have won championship internationally. I am sure I can adapt and give the best results,” said  Desak Rita, as reported by Nusa Bali.

Even now, Desak Rita, being the only athlete from Bali who has the opportunity to go down in the Olympic Qualification. Even before, he had never participated in a PON, SEA Games or Asian Games class.

“Very grateful to be given the opportunity to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Pelatnas,” said the athlete born in Sambangan Singaraja, January 24, 2001.

The girl who is currently completing her studies at the Undiksha University of Sports and Health plans to leave for Jakarta in the first week of July. Furthermore, he will participate in the Pelatnas program for the next six months. Currently, Rita’s urges are still waiting for the results of the swab test, as one of the requirements for Jakarta for the National Pelatnas.

“It is possible that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the test results will come out and then immediately depart,” said Head of the FPTI Buleleng Daily Officer, Putu Panca Adi.

The matter of how he prepared himself to go to Pelatnas. Urgently, Rita, who is also the gold holder of Porprov Bali 2019, admitted that she underwent physical and independent training at home, with close supervision from the FPTI Pengkab Buleleng Bali training team.


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