Badminton, the most successful Indonesian Team in the History of the Olympics

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was officially postponed until the following year, due to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19). Indonesia as one of the participants, has tolerated the delay, because humanitarian issues are more important.

However, talking about the progress of the Indonesian Team at the Olympics, it turns out that the country with thousands of islands has a good record in the biggest sports party on earth, which during the history of the Indonesian Team’s participation in the Olympics, has presented 7 gold medals, 13 silver and 12 bronze.

Of the total 32 medals that Indonesia won at the Olympics, interestingly, 19 of them were offerings from badminton. In fact, all the gold medals won by Merah Putih also came from one of the most popular sports in the country.

While 12 other medals, were presented from weightlifting sports. While archery throughout history only contributed one medal. Despite this one archery medal is very historic and valuable in the course of Indonesia’s achievements.

Because, the trio of Lilies Handayani, Nurfitriyana Saiman and Kusuma Wardhani successfully presented the inaugural medal for Indonesia at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. At that time the Indonesian Archery Team won a silver medal.

This time, we will make a list of badminton players who have successfully presented a gold medal for the Indonesian Team in the history of the Olympics

Indonesian Badminton Athletes who won the Gold Medal at the Olympics

Susi Susanti-1992 Barcelona Olympics (women’s singles)
Alan Budikusuma-1992 Barcelona Olympics (men’s singles)
Rexy Mainaky / Ricky Subagja-1996 Atlanta Olympics (men’s doubles)
Tony Gunawan / Candra Wijaya-Sydney 2000 Olympics (men’s doubles)
Taufik Hidayat-2004 Athens Olympics (men’s singles)
Hendra Setiawan / Markis Kido-Beijing 2008 Olympics (men’s doubles)
Liliyana Natsir / Tontowi Ahmad – Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics (mixed doubles)


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