Badminton National Training Boosts Exercise Intensity


Indonesian Team Badminton Players from Pelatnas immediately encouraged the intensity of their training. following the discourse of a new normalcy from the government, which is immediately carried out.

Increasing the intensity of the exercise, was conveyed by the Head of the Guidance and Achievement Division PB PBSI Susy Susanti. The legend of the Indonesian women’s singles said that the training, which was originally only at the level of 30-40%, now began to be increased gradually.

“Step by step has started (increased). If yesterday only once (training), now there have been two times, slowly increasing to 60 percent. Maybe next week it will rise again,” Susy said as reported by Antara.

Before that, the training program was already running. But only focused on maintaining the level of fitness and accuracy of athletes, so as not to lose their playing patterns.

However, since June 2, Susy said, the training portion had begun to be added intensively. All Pelatnas trainers have started to run their training programs normally.

Although now the new normalcy discourse is increasingly apparent, Susy continued to emphasize that all PBSI athletes under Pelatnas, are prohibited from leaving the training area in Cipayung, if there is no important business.

Meanwhile, related to the new calendar schedule for BWF 2020 tournament, Susy said that PBSI will be ready, if they have to send their athletes. As long as the tournament organizer and BWF itself can provide maximum health security guarantees.

From the announcement issued by BWF, that the tournament season will start soon in August 2020. Opened with a Super 100 level tournament, the Hyderabad Open 2020, which took place in Hyderabad India, 11-16 August 2020.

“We are ready to prepare our athletes because the national training champions never stop. But there must be guarantees from BWF when we leave there is health insurance and guarantees that we are safe,” said the 1992 Olympic gold medalist Barcelona.

Some time ago, PBSI athletes have also been declared negative from covid-19, after undergoing a rapid test at the end of May 2020 then.


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