Badminton Asia Series in Thailand Postponed, PBSI Discusses the Thomas Cup Simulation


Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) is considering holding another Thomas Cup 2020 simulation, after the Badminton World Federation BWF) has confirmed that the Asian tournament which was originally held in Thailand in November 2020, will be postponed to January 2021. Thailand itself will actually host three live tournaments, Asia Open I, Asia Open II (Super 1000) and the BWF World Finals.

Previously, PBSI had made the decision to cancel the 2020 Thomas Cup Simulation, and schedule its best athletes to be able to compete in the series of tournaments in Thailand.

For the postponement of the BWF schedule, as reported on its official website, PBSI itself regrets the decision, although on the other hand it can also understand it. For the safety and health of all athletes and society, as a major priority

“Actually, we really regret this decision, meaning that after All England, there will be no tournament at all for Indonesian players because we did not participate in the Denmark Open. However, we respect and respect BWF’s decision, which seems to be considering the situation and conditions of Covid-19,” said Achmad. Budiharto, Secretary General of PP PBSI.

With the postponement of the Asian series schedule, it is certain that there will be no more international tournaments that the Indonesian Team will participate in until the end of 2020. Previously, PBSI also withdrew from the Thomas and Uber Cups which were originally held in Denmark. Although in the end the schedule for this prestigious tournament was postponed by BWF until 2021.

Currently, PBSI has not decided whether to hold home tournaments for athletes again, after previously, they successfully held two internal tournaments, both for individuals and in teams.

Because in Budiharto’s view, in internal and simulation tournaments, of course athletes will not be able to perform optimally, like when they played in actual official tournaments.

“If in an official match, they will meet with opponents who make them want to give all their abilities, it will be very different from simulation. The name is simulation, no matter how serious it is, it is definitely not as optimal as they compete in an official tournament,” explained Budiharto.

So, now PBSI will review the discourse on the Sudirman Cup simulation that had previously been announced. The PBSI Development and Achievement Team plans to immediately discuss with the coaching team, in order to formulate a program to restore athletes’ performance in welcoming 2021, and consider that training is not enough. Athletes also need a competitive atmosphere, in order to maintain their performance.


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