Azzahra Permatahani: Indonesia’s Hope at YOG 2018


Among the myriad of talented young talents in the realm of homeland sports, there is one name that has stolen many achievements. Yes, the name is Azzahra Permatahani. Armed with varieties of the best titles, athletes who have been involved in swimming since childhood are projected to be one of Indonesia’s mainstays in the Youth Olympic Games 2018 which will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 6-18.

Almost from all swimming competitions that were followed, the high school student of Cendana Pekanbaru was able to win the best title. Starting from the Junior Swimming National Championship, the National Sports Week, the ASEAN School Games until the last Asian Games that just ended a while ago. Even in the Championnat de France – Montpellier event which took place in Montpellier, France, she managed to break the record that has survived for 26 years.

At the upcoming Youth Olympic Games, Azzahra will compete in the 200-meter butterfly style, 200 meters breaststroke and 200 meters of personal style. Although the first two numbers that will be competing later are not specialties of the girl who born on January 7th, 2002, but she will present the best for Indonesia.

“Especially at YOG, the opponents are also not young. The best junior swimmers from all over the world, “she told on the sidelines of training camps in Bali.

Good luck!


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