Azzahra Permatahani, Indonesian Team’s New Hope Swimming Athlete

Sumber Gambar: ANTARA FOTO/Andika Wahyu

The projection swimming team for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 has been formed. Six Indonesian swimmers will train and fight in the national training camp program. One of the Indonesian swimming athletes who has attracted attention is Azzahra Permatahani.

What is the reason the name Azzahra Permatahani should receive more attention? Because Azzahra is the youngest athlete to break into the Indonesian swimming national team. At the age of just 18 years old, Azzahra has been able to join the older Indonesian swimming athletes, such as Glenn Victor and I Gede Siman Sudartawa.

However, what Azzahra achieved was not instantaneous. The girl who was born in Jakarta, January 7, 2002, was familiar with swimming pools from an early age. Even his name has been able to shake the national swimming universe at the age of 15 (2017). When he broke the national record. Until now, the swimming athlete who is registered as an athlete from Riau Province has held three national records, namely in the 200 meter female breaststroke, 200 meter female dressing style, and 400 meter female dressing style.

Now the swimmer, who defended the Indonesian National Team for the first time at the 2017 SEA Games, is working hard to be able to catch tickets for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Even though many are considered to have great potential, that doesn’t mean Azzahra doesn’t have obstacles to be able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

As reported by, the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, into 2021, is also considered to be of benefit to the girl who is familiarly called Zahra. Because at this time she has managed to break the limit B number 200 m for the female dressing style. Meanwhile, to get an Olympic ticket for Indonesian swimming athletes, at least one must meet limit A. The postponement of the four-year sporting event has given Zahra more time to prepare for the next qualification.

Initially the Executive Board of the Indonesian Swimming Association (PB PRSI) hoped that Zahra could enter the limit of the 200 m female changing style.

Zahra considered the Covid-19 outbreak as the main challenge for him to meet the target of the PB PRSI. Because he could not exercise as freely as in the pre-pandemic era.

“We all have to maintain social distancing, so I can’t exercise twice a day like I used to. Now, I can only practice once a day,” said Zahra.

Besides the target of meeting the Olympic limit. As a potential Indonesian swimming athlete, Zahra is also expected to be able to become Indonesia’s mainstay in the 2021 SEA Games.

At the 2019 Philippines SEA Games, Zahra won a silver medal in the 200 m female dressing style, and a bronze medal from the 400 m female dressing style.

With this record of achievement at the SEA Games Hanoi 2021, PRSI will apparently not hesitate to target Zahra to win his first gold medal at the level in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the ruler of the women’s changing number from Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Anh Ven, who has always been an obstacle for Zahra to win gold at the SEA Games. It is recorded that Zahra has been defeated by Nguyen Thi twice at the SEA Games (2017, 2019).


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