Avoided Corona Outbreak, Lalu Zohri Discharged From Training Camp

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The Executive Board of the Indonesian Athletics Association (PB PASI) chose to repatriate Muhammad Lalu Zohri et al to their respective regions, in order to prevent them from transmitting the corona virus (covid-19). Previously, the Indonesian Team mainstay sprinter lived in Jakarta and joined in the athletic training camp.

The athletic athletes were forced to return to their respective regions, because PB PASI did not want to take the risk, with Jakarta, being an area where the situation is now unsafe, with the spread of co-19 there. It is known, currently the most cases of corona virus transmission in Jakarta are in Indonesia.

“Yes, they have been discharged since Monday (3/16). Junior national training athletes are also repatriated, “said head coach short-distance running Eni Nuraeni when contacted in Jakarta, as reported by IndonesiaInside.

The decision was based on directives from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) which instructed all sports to temporarily repatriate their athletes and stop training activities in the capital until the situation became conducive again.

Even though it was like that, Eni ensured, they would keep an eye on their leaders from a distance, as well as provide their homework with a number of programs, which had to be carried out in their respective homes.

“They continue to exercise and are monitored by PB PASI. For Zohri, there is my assistant Fadlin, so he takes care of it, “Eni said.

Sprinter Lalu Zohri himself returned to his hometown in NTB. Now, he must continue to focus and practice, in order to be able to excel at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, even though the schedule for the biggest sports party on earth is still filled with uncertainty.

Until now, the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 and the IOC are still acting that the 2020 Olympics will be held according to schedule on July 24 to August 9, although many qualifications have been disrupted.


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