When I play, I try to enjoy and give the best performance

One of the breakthroughs of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) in recent years is to naturalize and give Indonesian passports to Indonesian-descendant players who live abroad. One of the Indonesian descendant given an Indonesian passport is Raphael Maitimo.

The Minangkabau player started his professional career with the club Dordrecht 2004-2005. One season later, Maitimo moved to the big club Feyenoord Rotterdam for 3 seasons. In 2010, the midfielder who was born in 1984 docked in Indonesia through the Bali Devata club. After that, Maitimo played in several big Indonesian clubs.

The awarding of an Indonesian passport to Maitimo is one of the PSSI’s ways to raise the achievements of Indonesian football. The achievement of Indonesian football on the world soccer map is still far behind. Let alone at the Asian level, Indonesia is still struggling to be able to excel at the Southeast Asian level. Indonesia’s best achievement in Southeast Asia was twice the SEA Games champion. In other events, such as AFF Cup for example, Indonesia’s best achievement was to win the runner up.