Volleyball is my hobby since childhood. So it's not easy to leave a sport that has raised my name

Volleyball Opportunity in between Asian Giants

The Asian Games 2018 will be a tough challenge for the Indonesian women’s volleyball team. The reason is that volleyball teams from major countries will take part in the competition circle there.

Pungky Afriecia is an Indonesian volleyball player. This girl who was born in Bandung in 1994 started her career at Alko Bandung club, Valeria West Papua, Jakarta Elektrik PLN, and Bandung BJB Pakuan Bank.

The performance of the Indonesian women’s volleyball team is not very good. During the SEA Games event for example, the Indonesian women’s team only won once, and that was in 1983. This achievement can almost be repeated in 2017. At the SEA Games held in Malaysia, the Indonesian team won the silver medal, after losing to Thailand in the final.

At the Asian Games, the Indonesian women’s volleyball team only participated 3 times since 1962 in Jakarta. When Indonesia was trusted to host the Asian Games, the volleyball team strengthened by Evy Sofia Achid, Jane Gunawan, and others won bronze. In the half-competition format match and followed by the 4 teams, Indonesia lost to Japan and South Korea, and able to defeat the Philippines.