Youth Olympic Games Athletes Are Expected To Have Their Own National Training


The Youth Olympics Games 2018 have already begun since October 6th, 2018 until October 18th,  in the Buenos Aires city of Argentina. The sports event for teenagers seems to give a pretty positive hope.

At the moment, there are at least 18 selected Indonesian athletes who contested in the biggest multi-event sporting event. As rated to be able to provide good results for young Indonesian seedlings, the Indonesian Chef de Mission team, Dito Ariotedjo said he would do everything possible so that the athletes could have a special national training.

“Yes, after this activity, I have told to each sports that there is a special national training,” Dito said as quoted by Wednesday (03/10/18).

This special National Training must be immediately available, because athletes really need the place, because from the special national training, all athletes can focus on their goals. The training program can also be carried out regularly, especially at a young age  is emotionally unstable so special handling is needed. Still according to Dito, young athletes from the age of 13-18 years have participated in a measurable sport to be able to advance to the Olympics.

This has taken part in a measurable sport to be able to advance to the Olympics.

“It has penetrated the Youth Olympic, it means it can go to Olympic,” he said.

The Youth Olympiad itself is followed by athletes ranging ages from 14 to 18 years and competing 32 sports with 241 numbers. Indonesia itself competes in eight sports, including weightlifting, badminton, swimming, basketball and golf. Of the eight sports that were followed, badminton, basketball and weightlifting are reportedly the medal fields for every athlete. Because the sport is considered to be the most favorite sport branch favored by young athletes.


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