Indonesian Wushu’s Athletes Make Achievements at the China Shaolin Festival

Ghaniya (kanan) dan Emir bersama sang ibu, Ade Safitri, saat mengikuti kejuaraan wushu di China. (Dok. Pribadi Ade Safitri, )

A proud achievement strikes again from one of the Indonesian wushu athletes at the International Wushu Shaolin Festival in Zhengzhou, China. The name of the athlete is name Ghaniya Zada Achari, who successfully won the gold medal in the championship which took place from 19th -23rd of October 2018.

Reported from CNNIndonesia, students from Inti Bayangan Institution Jakarta came out as the best in changquan numbers or bare hands in class A under 12 years, Sunday (10/21).

Ghayani’s mother, Ade Safitri said the festival in Zhengzhou is an open championship held by the Asian Wushu Federation (WFA). Nevertheless, there are also many participants from outside Asia, such as from the United States or Ukraine.

Interestingly, the championship is one way to go to the world’s wushu championship. In the championship, Ghaniya also performed in machete, toya, taijiquan and fan numbers.

“This championship can be a step towards the world championship.  “This championship in Zhengzhou is an initiative of every institutions that remains through the recommendation of PB Wushu Indonesia” said Ade Safitri.

On the other hand, not only Ghaniya Zada Achari who succeeded in making achievements, the younger brother of Emir Fadilghani Achari also made achievements in the event. It’s just that, the Emir must be satisfied with the bronze medal.

The Inti Bayangan Institution fielded 11 of its athletes in this championship, including Ghaniya and Emir. While other participants from Indonesia, also comes from Bali, Semarang and other regions.

Speaking about the achievements of his two children in wushu sports, both Ghaniya and Emir have been pursuing wushu since they were small.  Ghaniya practiced wushu since the age of six, while the Emir began when he was five years old.

“Both of them attended regular classes at the Inti Bayangan wushu gym. When the level increases, both Ghaniya and Emir always rank first and get the chance to take part in the core team’s majors to become wushu athletes, “Ade said.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Inti Bayangan wushu foundation, Ahmad Rifai, said Indonesia’s participation in the biennial championship is part of the event to promote wushu to the people of Indonesia and the world.

“Indonesia has participated in the wushu’s competition in Shaolin since 2014, and this competition is one routine’s agenda in the framework of fostering, as well as the protégé of traditional Indonesian wushu athletes, in order to print traditional wushu athletes who have good quality at national and international levels according to PBWI’s work program, “he explained.

Wushu itself is a sport that also contributed gold medals at the event of Asian Games 2018 event. Of course with the increasing number of achievements, making this martial arts sport increasingly popular.


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