Team Indonesia Athlete Don’t Get Carried Away by the Achievement of Asian Games


Indonesia did achieve great success in the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games 2018. The Indonesian team surpassed the target previously announced by the Indonesian Nation Contingent to win 98 medals, with 31 gold, 24 silver and 43 bronze.  Even this achievement is the most in the history of Indonesia’s participation in the biggest sports arena in the Asian region. So of course this condition makes a map of sports strength in the Asian region at the top of the board can be entered by Indonesian athletes.

It’s just that, as reported by, Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Tono Suratman, precisely assessing this situation can be dangerous for the Team Indonesia. He asked athletes not to get carried away and still be able to focus on the next international events.

According to him in the future, Indonesia will face many international events. The closest is the SEA Games, 2019 which will be held in the Philippines.

“In the next three years, Indonesia will be faced with SEA Games Manila 2019, Olympics Tokyo 2020 and PON Papua 2020. So, that’s why we don’t get caught up in euphoria,” said Tono.

“The Asian Games 2018 have been completed with proud achievements. So this achievement must be reminded. Don’t stop there. According to the role of the KONI based on the SKN Law, we will continue to provide assistance starting from the training of athletes at an early age, “added Tono.

According to Tono, if the euphoria of this celebration is not ended and refocused with preparation, then it is not impossible that a good achievement that already achieved in the Asian Games 2018 will decline. In order to be able to continue to maintain sports achievements at the highest level, the central KONI will prepare it in a Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakornis), involving all KONI representatives throughout Jakarta in Jakarta, 17-18th  October 2018.

“In the coordination meeting, everything will be discussed starting from the performance evaluation for the past year. In addition, to set up the right achievement steps for the next few years. All administrators must be ready and alert, “said Tono.



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